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The Nutrition Institute offers you the most advanced and comprehensive online solution to learning available today. Online education has quickly become the preferred method of study for people around the world who are looking for additional skills to enable them to make more money, start successful careers, turn a favourite interest into something more rewarding or accomplish a personal quest for self-improvement.

Learn in your own time, in your own home and at your own pace.

Distance learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, although it is the interaction and immediacy of the internet that has revolutionised modern study methodology.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems which produce unparalleled results. Our students consistently produce higher quality work and achieve higher levels of proficiency in a shorter period of time, than other teaching methods can provide. The continuing achievements of our students, as well as the professional recognition and external validation of our programs, is a testimony to the high quality of our courses.

The Nutrition course offers you the most advanced alternative to a conventional classroom for learning about nutrition. We offer the most thorough online course in nutrition that is available anywhere in the world, using the very latest online learning techniques.

Our course brings you everything you need to achieve the success you desire.

Although some conventional schools run nutrition correspondence courses as a sideline, we have specialised in teaching nutrition solely online. The days of corresponding via audiotapes, CD's, DVD's, or paperwork through the mail, is over. Our methodology gives the student fast access to his or her course content and tutor via a specially developed platform. Our one-on-one tutoring enables a student-teacher relationship that is as close to sharing a conventional classroom as possible.

Discover your true potential now by taking the next step. Enrol today and take your nutrition skills to another level.

The Nutrition Institute, your partner to a better and brighter future.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 61 reviews.

  • Tracey Neill

  • 04/01/2022

Useful links and information.

Useful links and information.

  • Laura Zou

  • 31/12/2021


Excellent, funny words, beautiful pictures, practical knowledge, update informations.

  • Jacob De Souza

  • 28/12/2021

This is an excellent course very easy…

This is an excellent course very easy to follow the support team is great l would highly recommend it to...

  • Holly

  • 12/11/2021

Great tutors offering great advice and…

Great tutors offering great advice and helping you to become qualified

  • Natarsha Wotherspoon

  • 03/11/2021

This course has had do much…

This course has had do much information, and been very interesting. It covers everything you need and more. I can't...

  • Troy

  • 26/10/2021

Best nutrition course I have done

Excellent content and tutor, the assignments are a good format and easy to follow. Support staff were understanding and helpful...

  • Tarlee Gonwokay

  • 25/10/2021

Having searched for many schools online…

Having searched for many schools online to understand nutrition and wellness better, The Nutrition Institute came in handy to my...

  • Natarsha Wotherspoon

  • 20/10/2021

Great amount of information

Great amount of information. Easy to access modules and upload assignments. Great feedback from tutor. Love you can go at...

  • Jonica Hartley

  • 14/10/2021

Great course Great support

Great course. Very informative and so much support

  • Tammy

  • 13/10/2021

Easy to read and understand modules

Easy to read and understand modules, written in a way that is both engaging and highly informative. Feedback from the assessor...

  • john gattas

  • 09/10/2021

Great course

Great course, plain and simple structure, everything you need to learn and nothing you dont need to learn, i am...

  • Megan Jane Zaffina

  • 02/10/2021

Loving this course

Loving this course. It’s teaching me so many things for my health and I’m applying it to myself and also...

  • Louis van der Bank

  • 09/09/2021

My experience with The Nutrition…

My experience with The Nutrition Institute has been positive. I have always been able to access the online materials without...

  • Shimmi Momena Ismail Sarker

  • 06/09/2021

It's a very knowledgeable course

It's a very knowledgeable course! I am happy and satisfied to do it. Studying in my own availability time is...

  • Yong Liu

  • 31/08/2021

The course is so educational and the…

The course is so educational and the articles are well written, I have learnt a lot,my teacher is great, I...