Nutrition Course Reviews

Brittany Styles

In the beginning, I started this course to educate myself on all things nutrition. I have always been interested in the industry. However never understood what people were talking about when mentioning elements such as trans fats, complex carbohydrates, various vitamins etc. I was also interested in learning how I could better my own relationship with food after being so restrictive for years.

Throughout the course, I learned so much about each macronutrient, vitamin/mineral, weight management and more. I began to realise that there is no such thing as 'bad' food and that our bodies require nourishment from all macronutrients to perform at their very best.

Now that I have finished the course, I feel extremely knowledgeable about what foods I put in my body, and I feel comfortable sharing this with my peers. I now understand that in order to lose/maintain weight or to build muscle mass, you actually need to eat. In fact, you need to eat a lot. I am now less restrictive and allow myself to indulge here and there. I believe I have a much healthier relationship with food, and I cannot wait to share this journey with others.

If you're in a funk at your 9-5, interested in nutrition, or just want to learn the basics, this course is for you!

Adrian Hill

I highly recommend this course for health professionals and anyone wanting to understand food on a deeper level with a terrific overview of ways to optimise mind and body with open-minded opinions and alternate considerations of the many different aspects of life and circumstances affecting our health.

It provides straightforward information that is easy to understand and covers a broad spectrum of information with in-depth analyses of nutrient behaviour, synergy, toxins to avoid, alternate diets, digestion, energy, plus thought-provoking insights into food manufacturing and psychology.

I came into this course with a basic study background in holistic health; my aim was to improve my understanding and confidence working with clients to provide detailed diet plans and nutritional advice in alignment with my values around eating real whole foods from organic sources.

I spent a lot of time dedicated to studying, and I was able to complete it in around 6 months while working full-time. This course exceeded expectations, and I feel I have come away with a much broader scope of practice. It will be super valuable for my career ahead. I have used the information to fine tune my own diet and felt really positive improvements.

A special mention to Kim, my course tutor, who was always responsive to my questions, read them and provided detailed and valuable answers every time. Thanks so much!

John Musumeci

I have been a personal trainer for 17 years to date. But I learnt so much during this course.

I loved each module, plus I shared the knowledge of each one with my clients. During the course, they asked me how I was going. Once I finished it, they were as excited as me.

I now have more insight around nutrition, and I feel as confident as ever to deliver the message to my clients to help them with their health journey, whether it be sleep, mindset or nutrition.

Kaylie Blyton

I came into this course with a health coaching certification, wanting to deepen my understanding and knowledge of nutrition. I gained so much more knowledge than I was expecting to. So much so, I am now heading in a new direction with my coaching business and focusing on 40s+ health & wellness, covering topics like hormones, energy, mind-body connection, managing stress... all the things that 'fad diets' and 'fasting' are not!


Prudence Perkins

After living a holistic plant-based lifestyle for over 20 years, I wanted to explore my passion for not only plant-based Nutrition but all the basics needed to explore if this is my true calling.

I had only ever studied on campus before, but I found online studies through The Nutrition Institute could fit perfectly into my life. The information was laid out incredibly well, the assignments were great and thought-provoking, and the tutor's feedback was fantastic and so encouraging.

I have already convinced a friend to enrol, and they are already loving the journey, too. I have implemented everything I have learnt into my family's life, and I am so grateful to The Nutrition Institute for this.

Ana Robinson

The nutrition course through the Nutrition Institute has been such a pleasure to complete.

I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge in both nutrition and wellness. It’s not only helped me establish better health goals for myself and my family, but it has also opened up a new and exciting career for me.

The modules are full of extensive information and easy to read and digest. The assignments are so well prepared to help you better understand what you have just learned.

My tutor was exceptional and provided me with invaluable feedback I will be able to look back to throughout my career.

I highly recommend this wonderful course.


Margarite Lamb

Absolutely LOVED this course! It was interesting and engaging the entire time.

The course work was easy to understand and follow, and the submission process was so easy and stress-free. Kim was full of knowledge and extremely helpful feedback.

Have recommended this course to several people already! Thank you so much!

Jessie Wilson

If you are considering working with The Nutrition Institute I can 100% tell you to go for it.

I was amazed how quickly they got back to me with all my questions; assignments were marked very promptly with heaps of feedback, which I loved.

Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.


Emma Bitzikopoulos

This course has been a wonderful journey for me. I've learned so much about nutrition and gained new skills.

What I enjoyed the most is that you can do the modules at your own pace, very easy to understand and follow. Kim is so supportive and positive during the entire process. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to start a career in Nutrition. You will love it!!

Can't wait to hear about the advanced programs.


Tyler Green

From beginning to completion, this course has been thought-provoking, challenging, engaging and a whole lot of fun.

It has been a wonderful blessing doing this course as the information I have learnt assisted myself and my family members whilst giving me a solid, reputable base to launch out into the world of nutrition and health.

I’m very happy I took up the challenge initially and have seen it through to its end. Thank you very much, guys. All the best.

Amanda Bartorelli

Wow! My mind was blown the entire way through this course. I began this course with a curiosity for nutrition and completed it with a lifelong love for all things health and wellness.

This course should be rolled out in high schools all over. Reading each module confirms we all need to learn the fundamentals of nutrition! I highly recommend this course to ANYONE. You won't be disappointed!

Georgia Fink

Really insightful! A detailed course that sets you up for success in the nutrition field! Thank you for creating this awesome course! :)


Danielle Hughes

This is an incredible course. I learnt so much and gained so much confidence in starting up my own nutrition business. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to kick start their healthy career in nutrition.

The online Facebook group is amazing and provided me with so much support learning from others doing the course. My tutor was incredible and provided me with amazing feedback and helpful tips.


Shandelle Balfour

What a life-changing experience it has been for me! I have never been so passionate about anything in my life!

I started this course as a personal interest, wanting to educate myself to make healthier decisions for myself and my family. Once I started working through the modules, I became absolutely mesmerised and inspired by the world of nutrition.

I had no idea I would discover my true calling and spiritual path upon working through the modules. The Mind-Body Connection module really resonated with me and has inspired me to continue studying mind-body connection practices and life coaching. I want to help others gain a deeper understanding of their relationship with themselves and the food they eat through mindfulness and nutrition practices.

It’s been a rewarding experience gaining the knowledge and the confidence to continue to pay it forward and inspire and educate others on the holistic path to wellbeing.

Thank you, Kim and the Support Team at The Nutrition Institute! You have truly given me the best gift of life with a direction and true purpose now.

Tarlee Gonwokay

Having searched for many schools online to understand nutrition and wellness better, The Nutrition Institute came in handy to my rescue.

Over the past 5 years, having realized the need to take stock and work on my health and wellness as a professional woman, while this was mainly on fitness and not much on nutrition, which should work hand in hand, I was on the outlook of a good nutrition institute to enlighten me further.

I had initially graduated from The Interior Design Institute (duly love the course as well) the same year. When this course was introduced, and I was emailed, I quickly enrolled to have it as part of my wellness journey.

The Nutrition Institute has provided more than enough knowledge to combine both nutrition and fitness as a lifestyle. Due to this course, I have gained so much insight on food and nutrition, self-care and wellness lifestyle as a whole.

Although initially, I enrolled for personal reasons but now, having gone through this course, I am now contemplating making this more public to help others struggling with nutrition and the like to provide insightful information.

I would with no doubt recommend this course to anyone who would like to have knowledge in nutrition and wellness as the course content is well packed with useful information for eye-opening.

Chrisovalandis Stephanou

Coming from a fitness background, this course has enabled me to bridge many gaps of lacking knowledge in the field of nutrition. Knowledge is power, and this is something I will now be passing on to future clients.

Isabel Arnaiz

The Nutrition Institute provided a great learning environment.

It provided practical information that I could use in the design of my business. My tutor was very supportive and helpful throughout the entire course.

I am very grateful for the experience and look forward to future programs that The Nutrition Institute might offer.

Karen Noble

The Nutrition Institute provides an easy to follow immensely enjoyable nutrition course. Your confidence builds with each module, and you are flying by the end, ready to provide nutritional advice for your family or clients.

I thoroughly recommend this course and know you will enjoy it.

Lee-Anne Steele

I have enjoyed every step of my journey completing this amazing course.

I started off enrolling for my own health benefits, but the more I learnt the more my passion to help others with their own health & well being has guided me in the direction to pursue a business in this much-needed industry.

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